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What to Pack for a Caribbean Vacation

You’ve got your suitcase, your swimsuit and you’re ready to board the plane to St. Thomas - almost. Before you leave, there are a few St. Thomas-specific items you’ll want to bring with you. Check out our tips below, and download and print our free packing guide to help you get ready for your next trip!


We’re all about keeping it island-casual here on St. Thomas, but there are a few things you should note:

Swimwear & Cover-ups - Follow island etiquette and wear clothing over your swimwear unless you’re actually at the beach. Swimsuits alone aren’t welcomed in shops, restaurants or city streets.

Sun shirts - We love to wear a long-sleeved sun shirt for an extra layer of protection when we’re out on the water. It’s easy to forget to reapply sunscreen or miss a spot and find yourself with a painful burn.

Daywear/Eveningwear - Pack light and breezy clothing for exploring Charlotte Amalie, shopping and dining. A sundress or the like for women and a collared shirt and shorts for men will work for even the nicest restaurants on the island.

Light Jacket with Hood - One of the great things about St. Thomas is the beautiful warm weather. Leave your coat at home, but pack a light jacket for evenings or the occasional rainstorm.

Pro tip: Don’t overpack! Many of our condos and villas have a washer/dryer so you can launder clothes as needed!

Shoes and Accessories

Pack all the beach basics, like a hat and sunglasses. When it comes to shoes, leave the high heels and fancy sneakers at home. You’ll want:

Beach flip-flops

Comfortable tennis shoes or sturdy sandals for hiking and exploring

Optional: A pair of water shoes to protect from rocks and coral while you’re enjoying the waves

Toiletries, Electronics & Other Essentials

You’re almost done! These last few items will keep you comfortable and healthy on your St. Thomas trip:

Bug spray

Reef-safe sunscreen - Keep our coral reefs safe from bleaching by only using sunscreens that do not contain oxybenzone and octinoxate.

Backpack - a backpack can do triple-duty as an airport carry-on, beach bag and hiking pack.

Passport/ID - If you’re traveling outside the U.S. Virgin Islands, you’ll need your passport. Staying on St. Thomas, St. John and St. Croix? A driver’s license will work just fine.

Cash - Credit cards are widely accepted on the island, but you might find yourself at a food truck or small shop that only accepts cash. Bring some small bills with you to avoid scrambling for an ATM.

Dry Bag - We recommend bringing a small dry bag to keep your car keys, phone and credit cards safely with you while you snorkel and swim. Look for one in a fanny-pack style if you want to be able to enjoy the ocean hands-free without losing your gear.

Optional: Fins and a mask. Ill-fitting snorkel gear can ruin your day. If you’re serious about snorkeling, consider investing in a mask and snorkel that fits perfectly and bring it with you on the trip.

Still Wondering What to Pack for a Caribbean Vacation?

Just ask! Our complimentary concierge is available to answer any questions about what to pack and help you make the absolute most of your stay!

Click here to download and print our free St. Thomas packing guide!

Island Luxury Packing Guide
Download PDF • 135KB

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