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Snorkeling & Beyond: Finding the Perfect St. Thomas Excursion

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Our guests often ask us to help them find the perfect St. Thomas excursion for their family. The good news is there is truly something for everyone, whether you want to take it slow or get your adrenaline racing. We’ve listed our favorite water sports by experience level and included some of our personal tips below. Please note that these are general guidelines, and many of the activities we’ve categorized can be made easier for newbies or more challenging for the pros.

If you still have questions, just ask! We’d love to share our locals-only knowledge and help you plan the perfect St. Thomas vacation.

Adventure Level: Easy/Beginner

Snorkeling: Snorkeling is a great way for swimmers of all ages and abilities to enjoy the waves. If you’re new to snorkeling, we recommend Secret Harbor Beach. We’ve found that our guests with children also love to snorkel at Coki Beach and we’ve had good luck spotting sea turtles at Brewer’s Bay.

Island Luxury Tip: If you’re ready to step up your snorkeling game, let us book a night tour so you can spot nocturnal sea creatures and experience bioluminescent waters.

Photo courtesy of St. Thomas Adventures

Sunset Sail: Looking for a St. Thomas excursion that doesn’t require a swimsuit, sunscreen or even getting wet? We’ve got just the thing! A sunset sail is a fantastic way to enjoy the beauty of the ocean. You can enjoy cocktails and a relaxing ride to your dinner location before sailing home under the stars.

Island Luxury Tip: This is one of our favorite activities for honeymooners or couples who want a romantic way to spend the evening.

Photo courtesy of Cruz Bay Water Sports

Boat Charter: Experience the gorgeous waters surrounding St. Thomas at your own pace, on your own private boat. You might even discover an empty beach or quiet sand bar all to yourself. A boat charter allows you to sit back and enjoy the ride while an experienced captain and crew takes care of all the details, from docking to driving to refreshments.

Island Luxury Tip: Click here to check out 5 stunning places you can only visit by boat!

Photo courtesy of Sonic Charters

Adventure Level: Moderate

Kayaking: Kayaking is a great way to explore the island's bays and coves. You can rent a kayak for the day or week and explore at your own pace, or take a kayak tour of St. Thomas’s richly diverse mangrove lagoons.

Island Luxury Tip: Make sure to bring a dry bag to store personal items like car keys, wallet and cell phone. If you’re kayaking with a tour, your guide may provide one for you.

Stand-up Paddleboarding (SUP): Improve your balance and get a workout while you enjoy the waves! If you’re feeling especially ambitious, you can even try one of our favorite St. Thomas excursions - an SUP yoga class! Any beach with a soft sandy entry and calm water is a great place to try paddleboarding. Just be sure to walk your board out past the point where the waves are breaking and stay clear of swimmers and surfers.

Island Luxury Tip: Our personal favorite SUP spot is beautiful Magens Bay.

Photo courtesy of Island Life Water Sports

Jet Skiing: There’s nothing like zipping through the ocean waves on your own jet ski to get your blood pumping! No prior experience needed; after a safety course and instruction on how to operate the machine, you’ll be ready to head out on the water and make some memories.

Island Luxury Tip: Not quite ready to head out on your own? Many St. Thomas jet ski rental companies offer private tours that combine extra instruction with sight-seeing and beach hopping. Let us know if we can help arrange one for you!

Photo courtesy of Funtime Jet Ski Rentals

Adventure Level: Most Adventurous

Wakesurfing: You don’t need to wait for the perfect wave! Wakesurfing boats create the wave for you, allowing you to surf behind the boat while your friends and family cheer you on. This St. Thomas excursion can have a learning curve, but the wakesurfing specialists we work with offer on-the-water coaching to help you have a great experience.

Island Luxury Tip: Pump up the jams with your own playlist! Some captains will let you choose the tunes for your ride, which only adds to the fun.

Photo courtesy of Wake Up VI

Diving: There’s a lot to learn when it comes to diving, but St. Thomas is the perfect place to get your feet wet - pun intended! Children as young as 8 can take a beginner in-pool dive course, and adults can work toward their certification. Experienced divers are going to love exploring St. Thomas’s shipwrecks and getting up close to marine life like sea turtles and rays. Let us set you up with a course or day trip customized to your experience level!

Island Luxury Tip: Experienced divers will love the Cane Bay Wall in St. Croix, a coral reef created by the Puerto Rico trench. Watch out for turtles, stingrays, nurse sharks, reef sharks, barracuda and dolphins.

Photo courtesy of Patagon Dive Center

Need Help Finding the Perfect St. Thomas Excursion?

With so many St. Thomas excursions to choose from, your only problem might be deciding what to do. (Don’t worry, you can always come back for another vacation!) Our concierge service is always free for Island Luxury guests, so reach out to us when you’re ready to get the planning started!

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