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Four Haunted Places in the Virgin Islands

It may look like all sunshine and swaying palms, but the Virgin Islands are also home to unexplained mysteries and eerie legends. Let’s explore some of the most haunted places in these islands. Will you be brave enough to make them part of your next visit?

Fort Christian, St. Thomas

Any building that’s more than 350 years old is bound to have a few lingering spirits. Visitors to Fort Christian, built in 1671, have heard unexplained footsteps and mysterious voices within the walls. Could it be the ghost of one of the skeletons uncovered at the site during a 2005 archaeological dig? Possibly, but we’re not going to visit the grounds after dark and find out!

Jumbie Beach, St. John

Some claim that just beyond its white sand beach, Jumbie Bay is harboring a dark secret. According to local lore, if you cut down one of the jumbie trees in the surrounding forest, you’ll release the evil spirits that live within. Others say that the only thing scary about Jumbie Beach is the parking lot, which has limited parking and fills up “frighteningly” fast. If you’re feeling brave, check it out for yourself by taking the ferry from St. Thomas to St. John and traveling the North Shore Road until you reach Jumbie Bay.

Brewers Bay Cave

Brewers Bay Beach is one of our favorite places to enjoy a quiet beach day. If you visit this beach, you may notice a rock outcropping in the hills above the bay, with a mysterious cavern near the base. Legend has it that this cave was a hiding spot for pirate gold, and in the early 20th century at least one treasure-seeker died trying to explore the space. In the 1920s, a group of Navy servicemen rappelled into the cave in hope of claiming the fortune. The cave was empty, but rumors of lost treasure live on to this day.

If you’d like to explore the area for yourself, you can park at Brewers Bay and follow the red and blue painted marks about two miles to the rock outcropping. If you make it to the top, you’ll find a treasure of your own - stunning views of the beach and turquoise water below.

UFOs Across the Virgin Islands

“Is that a UFO, or did I have one too many banana daiquiris?” Believe it or not, tourists across the Virgin Islands have been asking themselves this for years after spotting mysterious lights in the sky. A February 2023 sighting on Jost Van Dyck was debunked as a SpaceX rocket, but that doesn’t explain dozens of other close encounters. Is the truth out there? We’re undecided, but we can’t blame the aliens for wanting a Caribbean vacation of their own.

Ready For a Ghostly Adventure?

Just let us know! Our concierge service will help you arrange trips to the locations we’ve mentioned here, a spooky moonlight kayak through a mangrove forest or even a pirate treasure hunt of your own.

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